TWIT (The Walking Intake Tool) is an artificially bred genetically modified tree that carries the DNA of all vegetable, fruit and crops existing on Salangan. It looks like a shabby lime tree. TWIT usually reaches a height of two to two and a half meters, has eyes and ears, as well as a mobile root system, not connected with the ground and used by it for movement.

When receiving a command to create a fruit, it either digs its roots into the soil, or, if there is no such possibility, it grows large leaves on the branches and sucks moisture from the air by them. This made them indispensable companions of Salangan people both in usual tourist trips around the planet and in long space expeditions.

Unfortunately, TWIT cannot reproduce on its own, because it does not have its own pure DNA, so they were grown exclusively on special farms.

It should be noted that TWIT is the only genetically modified plant on the planet – with all the monstrous mutations that Salangans awarded almost all the fauna of the planet, including themselves, they have not touched the flora, so the fruits of TWITs were called natural.

Perhaps this, together with a similar climate, explains the presence on Salangan of practically the same plants that are common on Earth.