Name: Anchary.

Race: zelirian.

Gender: female.

Orientation: hetero.

Age: 20.

Height: 162 сm.

Weight: 53 kg.

Parameters: 95*64*92

Eye color: brown.

Hair color: brown.

At the beginning of the game: village hooker. Earns for herself and her sister.

Love: she was disappointed in love, looking for just sex and considers it the best currency to pay for any services to a man. She loves to experiment, anal or oral sex e.g.

Everyday clothes: short dresses with a deep neckline.

Underwear: Only at the request of the client, in everyday life she doesn’t wear it. Breast size 5.

Decoration: doesn’t have money for it.

Distinctive features of physiology: A scar on the back, left by an overly fascinated client.

Schtick: Master of oral sex.

Religion: Atheist. Does not believe in New Gods, even though the prostitutes also have a patron.

Likes: anal sex, bondage, BDSM.

Dislikes: indecision. 

Features: grateful, obedient, dreams of becoming a concubine and always being protected, but she does not want such a fate for her sister.

Knowledge of the world: she knows that the world is cruel and her sister is a castaway. Yes, and she in fact is also a castaway.