About us

We are a small but cool indie studio, with eroge (visual novels with 18+ rating) specialization. Why small? We have less than ten people! Why cool? Read the description of our game “Zeliria Sanctuary” and you’ll have no more questions!

Why eroge? Two reasons. The first is that we adore them and played a lot of games both from indie teams, and large well-known developers! And everything that is done with love and soul, just cannot turn out bad! The second reason is that we still do not know how to make anything else… But we make great VNs! Previously, we all did what we could in many ways in different projects and teams; but we found each other, abandoned the rest and began to work at a common project.

There are many standards and canons in the world of VNs. We know them very well, too well actually … to observe them! Do you think that stern-looking girl in our art is tsundere? No, we have no archetypal characters at all! All of them are living beings with complex characters and their own motives. Are you waiting for anime pictures? Maybe, but the they are much more realistic and! Did you prepare to play for an ordinary Japanese student? Get a commando! And the events will in no way concern schools, colleges and other educational institutions (imagine, even no closed elite magical academies!). Waiting for a typical route? We do not have them; all plot lines and endings differ from each other radically!

And so it is to the last detail! Do magician girls have mascots? Maxx, the main character of the game “Zeliria Sanctuary”, also has something similar. To tell the truth, this “mascot” behaves like a piece of shit, thinks mostly about himself and stuffs his stomach, incidentally driving our hero crazy.

In a word, keeping the essence of eroge, we make our game unusual, interesting and, we would like to believe, unforgettable. All for you, friends!