Dear friends!

We (like any other cool indie team) are happy to announce that we have nothing to eat temporary financial difficulties! But we are hungry fighting, and we will gladly take any help from you to facilitate the struggle!
First of all, we need to cover the most basic needs of our creative team:

For artists:
– Valerian. Or any tranquilizer that we can get, because they do not have enough nerves to fix each art for ten times.
– UPS-es. The guys live in a back-water district, and power supply often breaks, and they swear and redraw everything again
– Courses of anatomy in a brothel. It may allow them to draw 18+ art works in a naturalistic way at least …
For the writer:
– Fuel 40%. He does not drink, of course, but …
– Psychotherapy for alcohol dependence (upon completion of the development)

For translators:
– Russian-English and Russian-Japanese dictionary of obscene words and phrases

For programmer and musician:
– Tutorials Ren’Py for Dummies and How to write music, not knowing any notes

For everybody:
– Motivation means for the team (purchased in a sex-shop)

For Humkey:
– C-rations. He got too fat and doesn’t eat anything else.

If, after these critical spending, we have funds left, we will spend them on such improvements of the game as:
– Animated characters sprites
– OST in Russian and English
– Additional CGs in the main game style
– Additional CGs in realistic style for the final scenes
– Additional 18+ CGs
– Additional music
– Additional out-of-story arts
– Additional storylines
– Advanced illustrated bestiary

We need to collect 100000 $, will be happy with a penny, as much as we can. And for our part, we will regularly gladden you with news about the additions made thanks to your contribution to the project.

We will be grateful for any amount and we will necessarily mention you (if the donation is not anonymous) in the Credits section of our site. Also, we guarantee our sponsors the following bonuses:

It's not the winning, it's the taking part!
Plus to the collection!
First try!
Thanks do not fill a purse!
This is my beastie!
Who said that wall calendars are not relevant?
Admire, but without hands!
I’ll cover the walls!
I’ll have something to read in the toilet!
Here is Johnny!
And you do not have one!
Do I really need all this?!
My dolly!
My hero!
I'm almost a demiurge!

You can donate us in one of the following ways:

  • WMZ – Z273169591076
  • PayPal –
  • Bitcoin – BTC-address: 19cJTRoFNtxiHEwCodZPNtgKea3Nm6KuEK