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Friends! Meet Zeliria Sanctuary visual novel by Salangan Games!

Type of a game: Visual novel (eroge)
Rating: 18+
Genres: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Ecchi
Length: 10-30 hours.
Release date: December 2018

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Game Info

Young commando Maxx, tired of repetitive missions and time-consuming barrack weekdays, gets an offer from the command to take part in the trial teleporter test. Alas, the risky experiment fails: Maxx finds himself on a strange planet without a chance to return home.
What was his act – an attempt to save a loved one, to escape from boredom, or a desire to test himself out? Now it does not matter. Earth life is only memories. A local inhabitant that looks like a hamster replaces old friends. A medieval world of beautiful but full of dangers Zeliria is your home now.
The journey promises to be interesting; after all, who knows what he will find in the new world – the king’s throne and love, or inglorious death in the stocks? Will girl-cat Leeka help him, or she will be the main cause of his troubles? Is it brave knight Velga who save him or she will execute him as an enemy? Answers to these questions are in our visual novel Zeliria Sanctuary!
Beautiful girls, nekos, fantasy beasts, and gorgeous views of nature wait for you in our interactive novel.
Our game is a uniq mix of two styles. You’ll get opening and closing arts in real-style and the rest game in anime. Do you like comics? We have them.
This adventure novel combines fantasy, drama, romance, humor, thriller, and… fluffy not-a-humster.
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Unfamiliar Ceiling – our composer.
SayMaxWell – help with music and video.
Delvirta – opening (vocal)
Andem – OST
OTTO DIX – music from the dark side of Zeliria