Umari is a race similar to the Zelirians, but they have fluffy tails and different type of ears. Their distinguishing feature is unimaginable physical strength – the Salangans wanted servants with parameters close to them in the past; they wanted to see them as “living monuments” to their former size and power. Alas, at the time of the Exodus, the umari were not yet completed – just animals, too stupid to perceive even common commands. They were abandoned, as the Salangans decided that most likely these big “cats” would soon die out (the Salangans were never good-natured and empathized with representatives of other species); but they managed to survive. Let their people be few, they founded their own state – Theocracy of Umari, and live, honoring Salangan as their god, who will one day come back to them. Like the Zelirians, they do not see creatures with a strong psionic field, which makes Humkey invisible to them. As they are the original race, they saved the genetic ability to perceive structured speech of other beings.