Kanber is an occasional mutation of TWIT. It differs from the main plant by a more developed root system, which allows it to develop greater speed, and inability to generate edible fruits, except for small red berries with a strong hypnotic effect.

After the Exodus, several specimens remained on the surface of the planet, but they underwent changes – the berries became toxic for Salangans, and the bushes adapted to the nourishment by the local population. A Zelirian of an Umari who ate the berries, do not have time to go far, after which the bush entangles the victim with its roots and slowly digests.

Unlike TWIT, Kanber has his DNA, which allows him to multiply, or rather try to do it – Kanber seeds, enclosed in berries, can germinate only in the body of the creature who ate them, and the mother plant rarely gives them such a chance, absorbing its victims before new Kanbers have time to germinate.