Lixik is a mutated squid adapted for life on land. His ancestors were bred by Salangans, who adored seafood, squid, in particular. Since then Salangans themselves were far from small ones, the problem of not devouring everything that is found on the planet was relevant for them. And lixiks became the first results of applied use of genetic engineering technologies by Salangans.

With delicious tentacles of females, lixiks were programmed for fast reproduction, and since the males were lousy in taste, their numerous tentacles were modified to perform the function of genitals and artificially increase the sexual desire to fertilize as many females as possible.

By changing the DNA of lixiks, Salangan people made them biologically immortal. Most of them were taken from the planet, but since Salangans are not too attentive, no one can say how many of these tentacle-covered and hungry creatures hide in all corners of Zeliria…