Mimant is a snake that lives on Zeliria, mainly in the forests and on the slopes of the mountains. They are herbivorous and non-aggressive, but, like Yugul, they are very tasty, which made them a frequent dish on the table both of Umari and Zelirians.

Mimant reaches six meters in length and has an excellent regeneration, which allows you to literally eat it twice – while you eat one part of it, the other has time to grow. It is cruel, but in the lean years humanism does not interest anyone.

Another feature of the snake is very dense skin, which Zelirians use to make light armor. Besides its eggs are not only nutritious, but also useful – their consumption greatly improves the immune system. Alas, it is difficult to get them – most often mimats lay them in remote mountain crevices.

Initially, mimant was created by one Salangan bioengineer as a living bouquet of dragons as a gift to his wife for the 140583792 anniversary of the wedding. Alas, the surprise was broken – the scientist was caught by his colleagues and threw the flask with the experimental embryos out the window.

Considering that this happened just two days before the Exodus, no one had caught the snakes and it never occurred to them. No one learned that the scientist confused the genetic code, and initially the mimant was supposed to be six centimeters long, not meters.