Mispint is one of the few creatures who got the best of disappearance of Heaven Floors and return of the natural spectrum. Since then, small-time butterflies have been mutated, acquired a complete digestive system and teeth, and at the same time have grown to the size of a fat sparrow.

Mispints are night creatures and they hunt in the dark. At the moment of the bite of a mispint, a toxin, acting as a local anesthetic, is injected into the victim’s body. As a result of that a Zelirian who has slept in the forest is in danger of waking up and finding that some part of him, though not very large, has already been eaten.

But swatting a mispint is not an easy task – having wings like that of a terrestrial butterfly, these creatures can compete with a fighter by maneuverability. This effect is achieved by the fact that a frightened mispint drastically throws out all the gases and remnants of food that have accumulated in the intestine – such a reactive charge lasts for a few seconds, but it allows it to avoid death.