Misshapen – (live meat-bun) – some Salangans preferred meat rather than the usual squid. This ancient creature, whose original biological name had been lost to time, was covered in a thick layer of chitin but had delicious meat; this became its misfortune.

After several hundred unsuccessful gene experiments and the beasts turned into an eight-legged meter-long bun (some claimed that right legs are tastier but that is personal preference), lost its outer shell and became hermaphrodites with an extremely high self-reproduction ability. Before the Exodus the Misshapens lived on farms, afterwards running freely around Zeliria.

Genetically stable like other products of biological engineering, they have survived for millions of years without evolving and became food for those who are still able to catch or shoot them.

Unfortunately for Humkey, light-spectrum changes after the Exodus led to minor mutations that did not change the appearance or other bio-characteristics of the Misshapens but made their flesh toxic to Salangans.