Nateronius is small, up to ten centimeters in length, herbivorous lizard that lives throughout Zeliria. Their distinctive feature is the complete digestion of the food eaten (the excretory system is absent) and the extreme plasticity and inertness of the tissues of the body, making them practically invulnerable to physical and chemical injuries.

Nateronius is one of the first genetic experiments of Salangans, created as a result of work on the problem of recycling. Initially, they literally wanted to throw it out – to ship everything that is harmful for the Salangan ecosystem into the space shuttles and sent straight to Esial for burning. But they had a problem: too chemical couldn’t be loaded into the shuttles, without making them disposable because of the powerful chemical pollution.

The way out was found in the form of a mutation of lizards, as a result of which nateronius, which obtained the above properties, began to be used as large garbage bags (nateronius was able to swell up to a hundred liters). Such transportation was very reliable, because the breaks of nateroniuses were very rare; their reliability when used correctly was about 98.9%.

Fortunately, a matter converter was soon invented, which successfully processed any rubbish into useful things, and nateroniuses who were freed from their unenviable fate returned to their usual habitat.