Scheryga is one of the flying inhabitants of Zeliria. Externally, the creature looks like a gray rooster with bulging eyes. After the Exodus, scheryga, like some other species of small living creatures, painfully survived the transition from artificial light of the Heaven Floors to the natural spectrum and the radiation background of Esial.

Subject to mutations, many species have degenerated and become extinct, but these birds, having found a successful symbiosis with zhyzras, adapted: the size of their eggs does not exceed a few millimeters, which makes up to several thousands of spikes in one brood. Until maturity, 99% of them do not live, mainly due to the special susceptibility to loud sounds in adolescence.

It is very easy to knock down a flying young scheryga – it is enough to shout at it loudly: having lost its orientation, the gray bird will fall to the ground and will probably break its neck. However,screaming does not make sence – the meat of shcheryga tastes like a sole and has a consistency similar to it.