Name: Leeka

Race: umari

Gender: female

Orientation: ?

Age: 20 years

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 97 kg

Parameters: 93*63*89

Eye color: green

Hair color: pink

At the beginning of the game: a virgin

Love: ?

Everyday clothes: soft leather shoes on the soles of a more rough leather, short leather skirt and a bra. A collar without a leash.

Underwear: none.

Decoration: none. Can stick a flower into her hair for a short while, if she liked.

Swims: naked.

Weapons: two slightly curved blades on her belt.

Weapon skills: fight with two one-handed blades, a single-blade battle, aiming archery for very long distances. Being disarmed, she prefers to fight with her bare hands. A punch can pierce a steel armor.

Distinctive features of physiology: cat’s ears and tail, very soft silky skin, slightly swarthy. Much stronger and more enduring than a human, and also significantly more agile. Height and weight are not of human ratio because of the high density of muscles; that’s why cannot swim. Breast size 3.

Food: like an ordinary human. In food she prefers meat, but eats fruits and vegetables with pleasure. Usually drinks raw water. Falls under the table after a glass of wine.

Lifespan: ?

Schtick: Good singing. Purrs when very happy.

Religion: ?

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Features: curious, talkative, easily perceives new information and learns something new.

Knowledge of the world: ?

Problems known: ?

Criticism: ?

Character: explosive, impulsive