Name: Maxx.

Race: human.

Gender: male.

Orientation: hetero.

Age: 22 years (September, 15 is birthday)

Height: 185 cm.

Weight: 93 kg.

Eye color: blue.

Hair color: black.

At the beginning of the game: not a virgin.

Love: ?

Everyday clothes: summer army uniforms, lightweight all-weather waterproof boots. Winter uniform is in a backpack. He has a helmet with night vision device, but keeps it in the backpack. At the belt there is an army knife and a holster with a pistol.

Underwear: ordinary underpants.

Decoration: none, except a talisman around his neck – received as a gift from his mother, when went into the army. Previously there were two, but he threw the present from the girl.

Swims: in underwear, afterwards run to dry.

Weapons: a knife, a gun, fists and legs.

Weapon skills: has excellent skills in knife and unarmed combat, as well as almost any earthly firearm.

Distinctive features of physiology: none, except for very high human endurance. Strong and agile – special forces training is difficult, but the cadets who survived them are real elite of the Armed Forces.

Food: like average human.

Lifespan: 70-80 years.

Schtick: ?

Religion: ?

Likes: ?

Dislikes: ?

Features: ?

Knowledge of the world: does not know anything about Salangan. An ordinary, fairly apolitical young man.

Problems known: he found himself in a strange world with no apparent chance to get back. No money, nothing to eat, nowhere to live, no knowledges about the planet. It is necessary to somehow settle down, using all available ways and surrounding creatures.

Criticism: ?

Character: Is able to control himself in any situation and think for himself. But the transition to another world influenced him… How? He haven’t not understood this yet. Is this Maxx, that recently stepped resolutely into the teleport camera, or had his body just remained the same? There is no answer to this question. And who knows how the our iron warrior will behave now…