Name: Missy.

Race: zelirian

Gender: female.

Age: 11.

Height: 132 cm.

Weight: 25 kg.

Eye color: grey.

Hair color: black.

Everyday clothes: straw shoes, donated by Niirva and a long worn shirt.

Underwear: none.

Decoration: none.

Weapons: none.

Weapon skills: none.

Distinctive features of physiology: none. Undernourished small child with a lack of weight and poor health.

Schtick: little girl.

Religion: Believes in the spirits of nature, like many in her village.

Likes: children, peace, her parents.

Dislikes: to starve, when beaten for anything, when father is drunk.

Features: fearful, kind, naive child, who was not lucky in life. She is afraid of strangers, but easily becomes attached to people, as she sees in them only the good, ignoring their negative traits.

Knowledge of the world: extremely scarce, limited to their village, illiterate, uneducated.

Criticism: she will believe in any nonsense, since in the village there was no one and nothing about to lie, and she did not interfere into the everyday gossip of adults because of her young age.

Character: calm; on Earth, she would be an introvert homebody who spends a day at the computer, but since she lives in Zeliria in the village, she is forced to communicate with other children, suffer humiliation because of her father’s drunkenness andthe cruelties of other, more socially active children.