Ancient Deities

Ancient Deities. Mythical creatures for the inhabitants of Zeliria, in fact, are true Salangans. Creatures with human body proportions, covered with short thick black fur with pointed, similar to a hamster face.

Very strong and durable, they reached an average height of three meters and weighed to semitones. Only their intellect could compare with their physical strength – they had high analytical skills and an extreme degree of empathy; they built a prosperous society, becoming a dominant species of the planet in a short time.

With the absence of natural enemies and the availability of powerful technologies on the planet, it soon became crowded. The first stage was the construction of Heaven Floors, and the second stage was a total biological restructuring, which resulted in the transformation of the race of powerful giants into the race of new Salangans – small, similar to earthly hamsters with psionic abilities.

Several monuments to the true Salangans can be found on Zeliria untouched by time. All of them were proclaimed to be the Ancient Deities and temples of various religions and beliefs were built around them.