Beating is a punishment for Salangans. Since there are no killings on Salangan, and any other actions are reversible, the punishment is always associated only with causing physical pain to the guilty. For it is useless and irrational to put immortal psionics in prison, and it is senseless to subject fines because of the minimal role of money in Salangan society.

A Salangan who committed a crime always receives a certain period of physical beating as a punishment – he comes to the Hall of Punishment, where a team of trained fighters with special batons, brass knuckles, or just paws beats him up to ten hours a day with breaks for eating and walking.

All injuries inflicted during the beating every hour or two, depending on their severity, are eliminated by the regeneration system existing in the Hall, preventing even a short-term death of the punished.

If he is sentenced to more than one day of beating, the execution is repeated the next day. Failure to come for the beating leads to double duration of the punishment, therefore it is not recommended to be late for beating.