Crown of Delirium

Crown of Delirium is a device that completely suppresses the psionic abilities of the Salangan who has put it on. Given the enormous psionic potential of Salangan people, no one wanted to rebuild the surrounding reality after every party, so there was always a tough dry law. But sometimes everyone wants to boose!

Therefore, a device was invented, which was called Crown of Delirium – a hoop, placed on the head and tightly “sticking” to it while smallest doses of alcohol was found in the carrier’s blood. After its appearance, the law was slightly relaxed – once in a thousand years, on its next anniversary, each Salangae has the right to drink everything he sees, having previously put on the already mentioned Crown.

After that, he can drink as much as he wants without risking harm to others, because if he desperately tries to remove the crown (even with his own scalp), it will release a dose of the strongest neutralizer into his bloodstream, so that the host will immediately sober.

Humkey lost his crown before the Exodus, which was later found by Umari. For them it is an ancient artifact and a symbol of the power of Salangan, but is a ring, taking into account the difference in size. For Humkey it is a ticket to the long-term, but not dangerous for the inhabitants of Zeliria, heavy drinking session in the wine cellars of the Temple of Umari.