Exodus – an event that occurred several million years ago. Since their inception the Salangans lived on their own planet and “overbuilt” it with Heaven floors if needed.

But once their ruler – High Chipmonk – proposed to move from research expeditions, which were periodically sent to the remote corners of the Universe, to continual research, it was decided to separate the Heaven floors and turn them into a huge mother ship, which was supposed to “study the universe with the comfort of home”. Despite the enormity of the endeavour, preparation of Exodus took only a few months, acquiring a hodgepodge form.

A lot of devastating things were done (e.g. clogging the surface with Ziri crystals) and a lot of cruel decision made, for instance unfinished Umari were left to die in a biological laboratory. Heaven floors were modified and teleported to the other end of the star system, becoming a huge artificial planet – New Salangan – which was also a mother ship. The original Salangan planet remains at the same place.