BURROW – is the dwelling of Humkey. An abbreviation of Base Underground Remedial Realm for Observing the World, it was originally just a house on the 33rd Heaven Floor where he lived with his wife.

When he decided to remain on the planet after the Exodus, the BURROW was thoroughly modernized and transported to the depths of Salangan (a teleporter allowed entry and exit). It was further equipped with many additional life support and recovery modules (e.g. the resurrection module) and protective systems (BURROW is permanently sheltered by a strong power field, it is immune to orbital strikes below “Planetary Crusher” grade).

For a number of reasons, not all BURROW systems are currently functional. The main problem lies in the failure of the food generation system, which distressed Humkey so much that if he were not immortal he would surely take his life with his own paw.