Heaven floors

Heaven floors are a kind of extension of the habitable surface of Salangan. At a height of 10 kilometers above the surface of the planet, the first Heaven Floor was created – a sphere made of heavy-duty material, which became, in fact, the second inhabited tier of the surface.

The sphere is not physically connected with the planet; their balance and interaction is carried out with the help of electromagnetic control installations, which causes the sphere to rotate synchronously with the planet. Heaven floor is made in such a way that what is located above it is projected onto its lower surface — that is, those on the surface of Salangan see not the ceiling, but the starry sky or Esial, as if there is nothing above them. Exactly on the same principle, the rest of the Heaven floors were built. At the time of the Exodus there were 32 of them.

Despite the fact that the whole system looked like a nest-doll, the floors did not affect the quality of life of the population – every Salangan could see the starry sky above his head; the weather changed depending on the settings of the local controller, and the flight to friends from another floor took very little time.

This way of increasing the habitable surface allowed the Salangans to develop and multiply, not conducting external expansion and not engaging in the colonization of other worlds, simultaneously artificially expanding their habitat in space. By the way, the emblem of Salangan is just a schematic depiction of the planet with the surrounding Heaven floors.