SCANK (Salangan Cybernetic Armor of Natum Kork) is a combat spacesuit of New Salangans. Externally is a humanoid creature about 2.25 meters tall, chained in armor. Armament is CHAOS-blaster.

The main feature of SCANK is that the cockpit is not located in intuitively understandable for an enemy places like chest or head, but in the right thigh of a space suit. Since SCANK is an ancient invention, before the resurrection technology appeared, the cabin was equipped with a gas installation — if SCANK suffered significant damage, the ejection of the gas sent the pilot to a deep coma, sharply reducing his vital activity indicators. When the technology of resurrection was mastered, the gas installation was replaced with a napalm turbine – in case of critical damage the pilot’s armor literally incinerated in a split second.

The main reason for this is to disguise the pilot, not to let the enemy’s life-detection systems catch his biosignals. After all, to bring to life and even resurrect a Salangan from a heap of ashes is a matter of a couple of seconds. But if he is found, after defeating with CHAOS-weapon there will be no way for him to live again.